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Special Edition: Nutrition Response Testing® Seminar & Case Studies - Video files on USB Memory Stick

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Special Edition: Nutrition Response Testing Seminar & Case Studies 7-DVD Set

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Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing® USB Flash Drive


This 3-hour, 3-DVD set is the most popular DVD set for practitioners new to Nutrition Response Testing.
LaGuardia Case Studies USB


Ulan Nutritional Systems is releasing a new case studies video collection. It's entitled “Case Studies from the La Guardia Nutrition Response Testing Seminar 2021.” This is a series of case studies... tough cases... from a seminar Dr. Freddie Ulan gave in New York City. You can watch Dr. Ulan analyze each case, and give an assessment of which nutritional products would help the case.

Freddie Ulan felt that practitioners needed some new case studies videos to play in their waiting rooms. He know that these videos improve patient retention, interest, and help generate referrals.
Welcome DVD set & Manual combo


Welcome DVD set and Manual combo
The Complete Clinical Case Studies Package

Case Studies

The Complete Clinical Case Studies Package